Southern Hospitality: A Pineapple?

“Why do you always bring your pineapple baskets to new neighbors?” I remember asking my mother as we walked hand in hand down the street. One hand ensuring I didn’t walk into traffic and the other carefully balancing the welcome basket. I remember the sweet smell of the fresh pineapple in the center that was surrounded by other goodies. Her response was simple, yet something that has always stuck. As she gently tugged my arm back to silently remind me to look both ways, we crossed the street. She explained, “A pineapple is a symbol of Southern hospitality.” Probably seeing the confusion on my little face at the big “H” word, she added, “It’s just what we do to show our new neighbors we welcome them with warmth and friendliness.”

She explained, “A pineapple is a symbol of Southern hospitality.”

Growing up in the South, I’ve always cherished the idea of warm friendships, hospitality and a welcoming spirit. It is our goal to help bring these attributes to your home and therefore a pineapple was the perfect symbol for our company. The Southern Fix brings you affordable ideas to update your spaces using a lot of DIY flare for very little money. The satisfaction that comes with conquering a project that increases the peace and serenity in your home is our driving force. We want your home to be your absolute favorite place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate your soul. Pineapples included free of charge.

What sweet Southern traditions do you have in your family?

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~Happy Fixin’ Friends

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  1. Great website and already got a lot of ideas. What an awesome logo, look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks for the great comments and love, SC! The Southern Fix truly appreciates your visit. Stay tuned for much more!

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