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All About Our Mission

Growing up in Texas, I’ve always loved the beauty and distinct charm a warm southern home brings. You and your family work and play hard and at the end of the day y’all deserve a cozy space to rejuvenate. Our mission at The Southern Fix is to help bring together a design to allow your home to be your absolute favorite place to recharge and enjoy the simple things in life. Read on to learn all about us.

All About Our Story

As elementary school teacher for eight years and a registered nurse going on ten, I have always been in a service industry. As I progressed in both careers, I started to have a feeling of dread going to work. In nursing, I moved into management thinking maybe it was what I needed. However, I quickly realized the type of people I was surrounded by did not share my values. It was not who I am at my core. Finally, after some deep soul searching, I understood another degree, a promotion, even a nice office was never going to feed my soul. I came to the realization I wanted to follow my true passion: home décor and design. This industry still allows me to serve others while using my creativity yet hold onto my core beliefs.

My love of all things vintage

My mother owned an antique shop in Dallas when I was a kid. Going with her to her store and seeing the beautiful pieces of history before my eyes, I garnered a love of all things old. Even as a young child, I took on my mother’s farmhouse style. I was constantly redoing, rearranging and snagging pieces from around the house to change up my bedroom. However, I was taught the way of the world is to go to college. You earn a degree and start in on the daily grind. It took me forty years to learn, this was not for me. I now place value in following one’s passion and sharing that love with others. My true happiness lies in exploring and following the talents God gave me and sharing that with others.

With twenty plus years of experience redecorating and rejuvenating spaces for my own home, friends and family, I took the leap and created The Southern Fix, LLC with my husband and two sweet little boys. We would love nothing more than to share our passion for décor and design to help you transform your room or outdoor space into something you and your family will love! Not quite ready for our super budget friendly professional services? Look HERE for DIY ideas to help you fix up your space!

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Founders and Owners

Chapan and ChristyMarie live in the heart of Texas on their working Boar goat farm. Everyday is an adventure as the born and raised city slicker learns about country life from her sweet cowboy and two rowdy little ranch hands!

Next Steps…

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